Modification is the third level of the SAMR Model and is considered the first step over the line between enhancing the traditional on-goings in the classroom and transforming the classroom.

An example of modification would be using a word-processor with a text-to-speech function that they then share on a blog post (e.g. Word Press). This could be used instead of a hand written paper, and allows opportunities for other students to go onto their peers’ blog post, and provide them with feedback on their work (2 things they did great, and 1 thing they could improve on). This example is beneficial as it allows students to learn skills in internet safety, and is a more engaging way for students to complete and improve the quality of their writing.

Another example may be used for a mathematics lesson and involves the Geoboard application. Students are required to screen capture shapes they have made on the Geoboard app and use them to create a screencast video about their learning to share with their peers. This can be used instead of using an actual Geoboard and enhances the way students engage in mathematics lessons through the use of ICT and allow them to share their knowledge with their peers through video. Having students create a screencast instead of standing in front of the class to review and share information can be very effective for students who are still building their confidence in public speaking / sharing. The only complication for this activity, is that it would require the school to have access to iPads, as the Geoboard application is only accessible through the App Store on Mac products.

Modification ICT Lesson

The Flipped Classroom Podcast

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