Augmentation in the SAMR Model is closely linked to Substitution, however, has added functionalities.

For example, when providing students with an assessment that requires them to take research and take notes, this would usually be done using paper and pen, with books to research. Augmentation can be implemented to enhance this learning experience by teaching students skills to use internet browsers (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) to research information. During augmentation, students would also use tools within the web browser to add functionality to the task. This may include using the bookmark feature to save important websites, have multiple tabs open when researching, and using an online word processing system (such as Google Docs) to share notes with peers and the teacher.

Another example may include students collecting, recording and calculating data on the speed of various objects during a mathematics or science lesson. During substitution, students may have been required to use digital technologies such as a stop watch app to record the time of the object, or the calculator app to determine the speed; however, during augmentation, students would be required to take an extra step in utilising the functionality of ICT by using a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers to record the data and complete the calculations. This provides opportunity for students to not only demonstrate their problem solving skills in solving a problem, but also allows them to produce their work in a more succinct and well-formatted way.

Augmentation ICT lesson

Sample of work

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